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High Pressure Sewer and Drain Jetting

Do you have drains that don’t whisk away water like they used to? Most likely there is a clog somewhere in the pipe below. Usually, isolated drain issues can be fixed with targeted treatments. However, if multiple drains are not working, there may be a large problem in your sewer line. This deeper issue may require the assistance of a more powerful tool, known as a high-pressure jetter or water jetter. These machines pierce blockages in pipes with the help of highly pressurized water jets, clearing the way for smooth trips down the drain.

What Is High-Pressure Water Jetting?

With the help of powerful pumps and flexible hoses, water is released with enough force to penetrate thick grease, sludge, ice, and even roots. Water not only rushes through blockades, but it also sprays in a reverse direction to clean all the walls of the pipe. With the help of a high pressure jetter, our team can clear up any kind of clog in your sewer line.

Water Jetting Applications

Typically, larger commercial lines are more affected by build-ups requiring heavy duty pressure jetting to remove. Restaurants, resorts, universities and large businesses can experience greater deposits of minerals and grease in their sewer lines that may need targeted removal from time to time. Our team will help you determine if water jetting is the best approach to solving your drainage issues, using other solutions if they are better options too.

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