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Vacuum Truck Services

The occasional clogged drain or backed up toilet is usually easy enough to handle with the help of a plumber. However, frequent clogs and drainage issues around your home or office can indicate a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. One area of concern could be your septic tank. Usually, septic systems can handle the waste that goes through their systems, which allow for anaerobic degradation of waste. However, sludge must eventually be removed or the waste can leach into nearby soil and contaminate environments. There may also be clogs elsewhere in the sewer lines connected to your home, this can cause significant problems if pipes rupture under pressure and affect land nearby. 

When To Call For Vac Truck Service?

The best way to know if you need a vacuum truck is to have a plumber consult your drainage issues and determine if there is a need for further removal. Working with sewer lines can involve excavation services in order to locate clogs in the pipes. This is usually completed as an escalated treatment for intensive purposes of clearing blockages. At J.R Swanson, we have certified staff that is ready to handle any service requiring a vacuum truck. If you have serious drainage issues, you need to contact our plumbers immediately!

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When your plumbing is not working properly, it is not just inconvenient, but potentially dangerous for your home. Faulty pipes can cause serious property damage around your home and without early treatment, they can turn into costly repairs. Speak with our plumbers today to get the right repairs scheduled at a convenient time for you!