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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement

Critical to any home is the safe transport of wastewater to the local sanitation plant. Typically this happens by connecting your home via sewer lines put in place during the initial construction of the home. While they are durable, there are also many elements working against sewer lines. Shifting soil underneath may collapse sections of your piping or deep tree roots may pierce lines. If your sewer lines begin to act up, you may notice some telltale signs, including slow-moving drains and foul odors. 

When Should You Get Sewer Line Repair?

Having the occasional drain issue is one thing, if multiple drains in your home frequently clog, you need to check a little deeper. It’s in your best interest to find a contractor who can perform a sewer camera inspection. This way you can know if the problem concerns more than just some faulty plumbing in one bathroom, or if it deals with a clog or impacted sewer lines deeper in your network. Depending on the size of your problem you will need to choose between repairs or replacements. Both options will cost variable based on how much surface land must be removed to get to your sewer lines. If driveways and big trees need to be dug into, you may have a costlier project on your hands. 

Schedule Your Sewer Line Service

If you have faulty drains backing up in your home, you can depend on our team from J.R. Swanson to provide you with emergency service 24/7. We have covered sewer line issues across Western New York for over 20 years. Contact us today to receive a quote!