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Furnace Service

Wheatfield, NY Furnace Maintenance

A tune-up and maintenance involve several steps that ensure your heating system operates efficiently. This maintenance service is done to keep your furnace in pristine condition all year long. The expert team at J.R. Swanson will help you keep your furnace running in optimal shape all winter long. 

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The Furnace Maintenance Process

Below are some of the key components our technicians may perform when performing your furnace maintenance service in your Wheatfield home. 

Cleaning the Vents and Air Filter

When your furnace is operating, the air that your family breathes comes in through the vents and filter. If either or both are dirty, the purity of your indoor air will be compromised, possibly leading to allergic or respiratory health complications. As such, it’s best to seek the services of J.R. Swanson to clean the filter and vents. The filter should also be replaced after use for some time. Besides compromising your air, a clogged filter and vents make your system work harder and consume more energy.

Cleaning the Burners

After not being in use for several months, your furnace burners accumulate dust and debris. These can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. However, this should be done by an expert dealing in heating services as the area around the burners should also be inspected for rust and misalignment.

Oiling the Furnace Blower

The blower needs to be lubricated to prevent wear and tear on its metallic part. During this step, a professional furnace maintenance provider in Wheatfield, NY, will also ensure that the motor does not make any grinding and squeaking noises when turning. They will also inspect the drive belt to ensure it is tightly secured. The service provider will also correct any issues that they may discover.

Test the Thermostat

To test the thermostat, you need to turn it on, and if it is in proper working condition, it should start immediately. However, if you encounter any problems, it would be wise for your home’s temperature and your wallet to repair or replace your thermostat as soon as it begins to cause issues in your heating system. 

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Furnaces are important as they keep homesteads warm, even during extremely low temperatures. When it comes to home appliances and especially furnaces, an ounce of prevention is always worth the pound of cure. Since furnaces are intricate gadgets and are known to cause fires, it’s best to seek professional maintenance services in Wheatfield, NY. Contact us today to learn more about furnace maintenance!