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Furnace Service

Grand Island, NY Furnace Maintenance

The furnace is one of the most important tools in various households. However, because it’s usually tucked away in a basement furnace closet, owners may forget to check its condition until it fails to function. Maintaining your furnace on time will protect you from disappointment and the high repair cost. Although some individuals can do simple Furnace Maintenance services like cleaning on their own, some complex tasks may require you to hire a professional.

JR Swanson is famous for providing outstanding HVAC services, including furnace repair and other services in Grand Island, NY, and surrounding regions.

Checking Your Furnace Parts Condition

To ensure full protection of your investment, J.R. Swanson does check the conditions of various furnace components. They check the thermostat, blower assembly, electrical connectors, gas Leak, vent System, air filter, vacuum heat exchanger, etc. They help fix the minor furnace problems and advise changing completely worn-out parts.

Furnace Function Testing

In addition to checking the conditions of the parts, they test the functionality of the furnace and the gas it produces. They test the Carbon Monoxide produced, heat exchanger, complete cycles, etc. The produced gasses communicate a lot on the health of the furnace.

Cleaning Lubricating Parts

After checking the condition of the furnace parts and their functionality, J.R. Swanson ensures your furnace effectiveness is back and maintained through lubricating motor and bearings, adjusting burners, and pilot. Contact them for cleaning and lubrication if you are located in Grand Island, NY.

Furnace Repair in Grand Island

In addition to Furnace Maintenance, your furnace may require to be repaired. Based on the skills and experience, J.R. Swanson staff in Grand Island, NY, can provide the necessary information regarding any necessary repairs required to get your furnace back to its original health.

Your Furnace Maintenance Provider in Grand Island

Hopefully, you understand why maintaining your furnace is important and what HVAC services include. So, If you are located in Grand Island, NY, or surrounding areas, don’t hesitate to contact J.R. Swanson to find out more about their services. In addition to maintenance, they repair and even install new furnaces.