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AC Repair

Grand Island, NY AC & Air Conditioning Repair

A good working air conditioner filters and circulates cool air by removing heat, moisture, and pollutants in the air. When you feel warm air, smell a foul odor, or hear strange noises, you need AC repair immediately. JR Swanson can help with your air conditioning repair if you’re in Grand Island, NY.

Here are some of the repairs that should be done to ensure your air conditioner works properly;


Thermostat Repair

A thermostat regulates temperature to ensure that only cool air gets out of the air conditioner. Unmaintained thermostats malfunction without any alarm. The only sign that you’ll notice is the warm air in your room.

Most blockages in the thermostat create leaks in various parts of the AC, which allow air to escape. These leaks result in substantial energy bills and deny you the comfort you deserve. You need an AC repair expert to identify the leaks and fix the problem.

Apart from leaks, poor location affects the thermostat, especially when exposed to heat or direct sunlight. Other thermostat problems include weak thermostat batteries, dust, and unbalanced settings.

Air Duct Repair

Uneven cooling is one of the notable signs indicating that your air duct has a problem. Loose joints on the air duct can cause uneven cooling where a vent could be blocked or closed. The worst is when debris blocks the duct, limiting the airflow. If not repaired on time, debris may also cause tears, cracks, or holes that cost you more.

Moldy smells also characterize poorly insulated ducts due to excess humidity or moisture in the air. When your air conditioner produces moldy smells, there is a probability of the air duct leaking, causing air condensation. You require a specialist in air conditioning repair to fix the duct and get a balanced temperature in your rooms.

Filters Checkups and Replacement

Filters in your air conditioner require regular maintenance to keep the system functioning properly. The most essential aspect of maintenance is cleaning and replacing filters on time. The approach ensures efficiency since dirt can reduce airflow.

When the air conditioner is in constant use, more replacement of filters will be required than usual. A similar approach is needed when you have pets with a lot of furs. These furs block the filters, leading to poor air circulation.

Why You Need to Repair Your Air Conditioner on Time

Timely AC repairs help you keep your air conditioner working correctly throughout the year. You need to constantly check and repair your thermostats, air ducts, filters, and coils. The approach enhances your comfort and extends the air conditioner’s life.

If you’re looking for a credible partner to help you repair and maintain your air conditioning unit, contact JR Swanson Plumbing via (716) 283-3802 or (239) 542-7473. We provide specialized services in Grand Island, NY, at a pocket-friendly price.