HVAC Services

Lockport Heating Services

Whether you need emergency heating repairs or are looking for quotes for new heating installation and replacement services, J.R. Swanson is here to provide you quality service with a professional team. We will review your system’s efficiency based on the space it serves and overall energy consumption values to suggest improvements that can keep your home or business feeling warmer during the colder seasons. We provide services across Lockport, NY, offering 24/7 heating services in any season. If you would like to learn more about our heating repair, installation and maintenance services, please contact our team today!

Heating Repair Services

Have a broken heater? Our team can help you to quickly assess the situation and repair it too. We will help your home or business feel warm and cozy inside again after your heater works properly. If you need to schedule emergency repairs, contact J.R. Swanson today!

Heating Installation & Replacement

For older heating systems, frequent repairs can drive up your costs and become less economical than installing a newer, more efficient model. Our team can help you choose between different options based on energy usage and buget restrictions. Additionally, we will help you find rebates that can also lower the price of the new heater and installation that you may be eligible for. Contact J.R. Swanson today to schedule heating installation and replacement services!