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Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Niagara Falls

Transporting wastewater from your home or business is a critical role of sewer lines. Typically, this is achieved by making a connection between your home with sewer lines put in place during the initial construction of your building’s plumbing. While these pipes are built to last, a number of factors can weaken their integrity. From the materials used to changes in weather, sewer lines are subjected to a wide range of factors that could impact their performance. If they are severely affected, you could find foul odors coming from drains in different rooms and widespread drainage issues. For serious sewage line issues, you will need professional help to perform repairs or replace sections of your sewer line. 

When Should You Get Sewer Line Repair?

While there may be isolated incidences that can leave a drain clogged in your home or building if you have multiple, prolonged clogs or backed-up drains you need to investigate further. To do so, you need to find a company that can look through your sewer line with a camera. Snaking through the line provides all the information necessary to see if there are potential problem areas in your sewer line that need to be repaired or replaced. Both options can be performed by J.R. Swanson, however, the price will be dependent on the amount of surface area that needs to be cleared above the sewer line. For example, if driveways and big trees need to be dug into, the project may be more expensive to complete. 

Schedule Your Sewer Line Service

If you have faulty drains backing up in your home, you can depend on the professionals J.R. Swanson to provide you with emergency service 24/7. We have covered sewer line issues across Niagara Falls for over 20 years. Contact us today to receive a quote!