Hot Water Boiler Installation

Hot Water Boiler InstallationHaving access to hot water is useful for many applications around the home. From enjoying a warm shower to washing dishes and clothes around home, hot water makes it easier to complete daily tasks. For many homes, a hot water boiler is the typical choice for getting heated water when you need it. Hot water boilers can last for many years, especially with careful maintenance checks. But through the gradual buildup of hard water and daily use, you may want to see if your old boiler needs a replacement. 

When Should You Replace A Water Boiler

Modern water boilers are built to last for up to 30 years of use due to many corrosion-resistant materials. However, each appliance is different and if you begin to need more frequent repairs, you also need to consider potentially replacing your boiler. If you haven't had problems that require repairs but haven't checked on the condition of your unit in many years, our team can come to inspect your water boiler to provide suggestions related to energy efficiency and maintenance to extend the life of your boiler. For new water boiler installations, our team can help you decide on the right model and also provide disposal services for the old boiler. 

Schedule Your Water Boiler Installation Service

For over 20 years, J.R. Swanson has assisted with water boiler installations and repairs across Niagara Falls. We can help with the water line and gas line connections for your new units so that you get heated water as soon as possible again. If you need professional assessment and service for your home, contact our team today!