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Furnace Maintenance in Niagara Falls NY

We depend on our furnaces every single day during the freezing winter season. However, to keep your furnace working effectively, scheduling maintenance work is critical. Having a thorough analysis of working parts in your furnace and at connecting points to the rest of your heating system extends the longevity of your machine. This also helps you avoid emergency breakdowns that result in hefty repair costs. 

Trusted Heating Professionals 

The best practices surrounding furnace upkeep involve maintenance work. While manufacturers strongly recommend conducting these checks, there is not a strict standard that fits every different model and brand. As a general rule, newer furnaces require less frequent work and older models benefit more from yearly check-ups. To find the most useful maintenance, you will need an experienced heating contractor that has worked with a wide selection of furnaces. The technicians at J.R. Swanson are trained to confidently service an extensive amount of furnaces. Our team will quickly diagnose problems and determine solutions. Below are some areas that we like to check: 

  • Pilot Light Performance and Ignition
  • Furnace Air Filter Performance
  • Air Quality Control (i.e. CO levels)
  • Safety Limit Controls Checks 
  • Thermostat Calibration Inspection
  • Blower Access Door Seal Examination

Schedule Maintenance Today:

To learn more about how our maintenance can benefit your furnace, please contact our team today! We offer packages for seasonal maintenance and recurring maintenance that can also include air conditioning services. We are happy to provide estimates and quotes for our services around Niagara Falls.