Frozen Pipe Thawing in Niagara Falls

Sink Pipe replacementDuring a cold winter, the water pipes in your home or business may become frozen. If you notice that your faucets are not releasing water when you turn them on, you need to check if your pipes are frozen. Water pipes may burst because they are frozen once the temperature fluctuates in the spring because the pressure inside your pipes will expand with the frozen water. There are ways to help prevent frozen pipes and thaw out minor freezing issues, but for larger problems, you need professional help to avoid further damage to your pipes and to your home.

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes

Some simple ways to prevent your pipes from freezing in the first place are below:

  • Running a slight trickle through your sinks maintains a consistent flow of water that prevents freezing
  • Check that your heat is working prior to winter settling in so that your heat will keep your home at a warm temperature
  • Hire a plumbing professional to inspect your water line connections for any underlying issues before the winter

When Should You Call For Help

If you cannot access water in the winter and see leaks forming, you should quickly call for help before you have to deal with any burst pipes. If frozen pipes are improperly thawed with temperatures that are too high, there can be even more damage sustained. With the help of a plumber, you can identify the most appropriate solution, from replacing pipe sections and shutting off water lines that will prevent serious flooding damages.

Schedule Your Frozen Pipe Thawing Service

For over 20 years, J.R. Swanson has helped homeowners and business owners deal with frozen pipe concerns across Niagara Falls. We will help you get your water running as quickly as possible when you have any frozen pipe problems. If you need professional assessment and service for your home, contact our team today!