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Hot Water Boiler Installation

Having access to hot water is beneficial for a variety of daily tasks and chores around the home. From enjoying a heated shower to washing clothes and dishes, hot water is more than just a preference. To get hot water around your home, you depend on our water boiler or water heater. These appliances warm water that passes through a heat source and is either used right away or becomes stored for later use. Hot water boilers can last for many years, especially with maintenance conducted on them. But through the buildup of hard water and longer use, there may be a time where you need to replace your water boiler and install a new one. Having a professional help you with the installation guarantees that all the connections to your water and gas lines will be done safely and correctly the first time around.

When Should You Replace A Water Boiler

Modern water boilers are made of corrosion-resistant materials, which help to extend their lifespan up to 30 years of use. However, you’ll need to consider the cost of repairing a water boiler as it gets older. The more frequent you repair it and the less efficient it is will indicate to you if you need to install a new unit. If you haven’t had problems with a water boiler, but haven’t checked on the condition of your unit in several years, our team can come to inspect your water boiler and help you have a better understanding of the costs of upkeep and the future outlook of your unit. 

Schedule Your Water Boiler Installation Service

For over 20 years, J.R. Swanson has assisted with water boiler installations and repairs across Western New York. We can help with the water line and gas line connections for your new units so that you get heated water as soon as possible again. If you need professional assessment and service for your home, contact our team today!