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Gas Line Installation & Repair

Powering essential appliances like hot water tanks, ranges and central heating, your gas lines bring precious commodities into your home. However, natural gas is also a potentially dangerous material if it leaks through gas lines. Depending on the condition of your lines there may need to be repairs or replacements to ensure safety in your home. 

Can A Plumber Install or Repair My Gas Line?

While there are specific gas line contractors, specialty plumbers can also work on gas line installations and repairs. As long as they have the correct licenses and are allowed by local authorities and gas companies, you can depend on a plumber for your work. This may be a more economical solution for your project too as it can be bundled with other plumbing work. 

When Should I Get Gas Line Installation?

The most common time for a gas line installation is during the initial construction phases of a home. However, many older homes that need renovation also need gas line installations. This may happen during a larger kitchen renovation, HVAC system upgrade or with building additions to your home. If your home has very old gas lines, you can call on our team to inspect them and determine if a replacement is necessary. 

Schedule Your Gas Line Service

For over 20 years, J.R. Swanson has assisted with gas line installations and repairs across Western New York. If you need professional assessment and service for your home, contact our team today!