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Furnace Replacement Services

During cold winters, we depend on our furnaces to provide warm air to stay comfortable inside. As with any other heavily used appliance, furnaces decrease in performance over time. To make the most of your heating system, regular maintenance or small repairs can help to achieve optimal effectiveness. However, if the cost of frequent repairs becomes too burdensome, it may be time to consider a full furnace replacement. While the initial cost may be higher with labor expenses included, there are significant benefits to gain from lower energy bills and fewer repair services. 

Choosing a Furnace

Deciding on a new furnace requires an understanding of how newer models can serve your needs. With different energy ratings, output levels and types of furnaces, making a choice can be confusing on your own. However, professional heating contractors can quickly assess your needs and provide experienced advice to find a furnace that fits your needs. At J.R. Swanson, our team of heating contractors understands differences in functionality across a vast selection of furnaces. We can help you choose the most suitable model that provides heat to every corner of your home without costing you an excessive amount. Additionally, we will provide you with useful suggestions to maintain your furnace and keep it running longer. 

Professional Furnace Installation

Beyond choosing the furnace, the actual process of installation is significantly easier with the help of our team. We have all the equipment ready to transport your old and new furnace and the knowledge to connect everything so that your home will receive heat as soon as possible. Our technicians will work with your schedule in mind to provide a solution comfortably, doing our best to minimize disruptions to your daily life. 

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