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Furnace Maintenance Services

When was the last time you did anything to your furnace? For many, once a furnace is installed, they do not need much attention. However, having an annual check up on your furnace is a safe way to keep your home heated for a longer time. From catching early signs of mechanical breakdowns to improving operational efficiency, maintenance services present opportunities to improve your furnace in more ways than one. With the support of furnace maintenance, you can avoid emergency repairs billed at higher rates, resulting in cost savings and greater comfort for your family to enjoy. 

Industry Leading Heating Professionals 

While there is no set industry standard on maintenance work, manufacturers strongly recommend performing routine checks to assist with furnace upkeep. Newer furnaces may only need an inspection completed every other year, but older models benefit the most from yearly check-ups. To ensure that you get the most worthwhile maintenance, you need to find a professional heating contractor. J.R. Swanson has a team of experienced technicians who are trained to work with a diverse selection of furnaces. Our team will quickly diagnose concerns and provide solutions. Below are some areas that we like to check: 

  • Pilot Light Performance and Ignition
  • Furnace Air Filter Performance
  • Air Quality Control (i.e. CO levels)
  • Safety Limit Controls Checks 
  • Thermostat Calibration Inspection
  • Blower Access Door Seal Examination

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Our services can vary based on the type of furnace you currently have in your home. Additionally, we have maintenance packages that extend to seasonal and recurring packages to also include air conditioning maintenance too. To find out what kind of maintenance your furnace may require, please contact our team today! We are happy to give you estimates on quotes and schedule service around Western New York.