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Carbon Monoxide Testing

Known as a silent killer, carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that is dangerous at high quantities in the air. Normally, homes can regulate airflow and direct carbon monoxide out of the home for any devices that release it. Combining efforts to seal off the gas with properly installed detectors, homes are usually safe from the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. However, if your home has high levels of carbon monoxide, you need professionals to identify the sources and seal off the gas from leaking into your home.

When Should My Home Be Tested?

Every home should have working carbon monoxide detectors installed, but just having detectors does not make your home safe. In the event of detectors indicating high levels of carbon monoxide, you should go outside to fresh air as quickly as possible before calling a professional technician for help. High levels of carbon monoxide usually come from malfunctioning equipment that burns gas as fuel. A technician can determine the cause of high carbon monoxide quantities and repair machines or fix airflow control systems to regulate the quality of air in your home. We will also make sure that your carbon monoxide detector is installed properly to make sure it is not incorrectly testing for carbon monoxide too.

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Exposure to carbon monoxide can be extremely dangerous to your health, especially when it goes unnoticed. For emergency carbon monoxide testing services, call us today and we will send a professional over to help!