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Furnace Maintenance in Buffalo NY

When was the last time you did anything to your furnace? For many, once a furnace is installed, they are set to work unsupervised. However, to keep your furnace running smoothly throughout the cold winters in Buffalo, scheduling annual maintenance work is essential. From finding pre-emptive signals of mechanical failure to improving operational performance, routine maintenance allows for preventative work that goes a long way. With the help of meticulous checks on your furnace, you can avoid miserable breakdowns that could lead to hefty repair costs. 

Trusted Heating Professionals 

Although there are no strict standards for conducting maintenance, manufacturers strongly recommend performing routine checks to assist with furnace upkeep. Working with an extensive number of furnaces gives contractors a deep understanding of conditions to check for. Newer furnaces require less frequent work, but older models benefit the most from yearly check-ups before winter hits. To find the most useful maintenance, you will need an experienced heating contractor. With a team of professional technicians trained to service a diverse selection of furnaces, J.R. Swanson is a leading business in Buffalo. Our team will quickly diagnose concerns and deliver solutions. Below are some areas that we like to check: 

  • Pilot Light Performance and Ignition
  • Furnace Air Filter Performance
  • Air Quality Control (i.e. CO levels)
  • Safety Limit Controls Checks 
  • Thermostat Calibration Inspection
  • Blower Access Door Seal Examination

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