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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly throughout the summer is something many take for granted. Over time, appliances in our homes and offices face deterioration as they wear down from usage. Each AC system comes with different specifications and manufacturer warranties, which could be voided without proper maintenance. However, you can avoid inconvenient breakdowns by scheduling regular maintenance services. 

Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

Not all air conditioning maintenance is highly technical or requires expensive equipment. There are also some smaller fixes you can do on your own that do not require too many resources. 

  • Cleaning AC Fins: Dirt/grime can build up over time between the fins, making your unit work harder to do the same work. You can remove the outer casing and spray out the fins with a garden hose or scrab it clean with a brush and mild soap. 
  • Clearing Debris: It is best to remove any leaves, twigs and other material from the interior your unit or nearby the unit to prevent anything from blocking and hindering the performance of your unit. 
  • Straightening Fins: Using a butter knife, you can realign fins that have become crooked or uneven, creating better airflow for your unit. 
  • Change the Blower Filter: AC units need to filter the air of dust and other airborne particles. Routinely changing filters improves airflow and air quality. 

When Should You Schedule Professional Maintenance?

While there are many things a person can learn to handle air conditioning maintenance, the task is often left unfinished as other priorities use up time and energy. Professional maintenance services are highly recommended for aging machines that have recently needed repairs and also for large commercial air conditioning systems that are much more costly in terms of repairs and replacements over time. Maintenance work completed by professionals also takes considerably less time, freeing you up to attend to other responsibilities.

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